OK, after a year and a half, I’m back blogging.  It’ll be intriguing to start again from scratch.

I will spare you the details of the previous hosts (M6.net) who turned into a hosting con trick, complete with fictional numbers and imaginary offices. Nor will I burden you with the facts behind my stealing my own domain name back.  Not for you, gentle reader, such mundane details.  Suffice to say that I had a blog, which I ignored for 18 months, and which is now active again.

Eve Online will probably be quite a focus, for now: I find it an intriguing sandbox.  I’m probably going to get trolled on goonfleet.com about this (the Goon “Hippoking Effect” of distrust of those who talk to pubbies), but in the immortal words of Popeye the Sailorman: “ego sum quid sum”.  I am what I am.  A narcissist.