Eve Politics Update – 23rd February 2010

Here is a copy of the latest Eve Politics update I did for the Goonwaffe forums a couple of days ago, while Stain and IT were (momentarily) at war. Note that it was for Goonwaffe consumption, and therefore may appear ever-so-slightly slanted.

Optimistic version: in the absence of a halfway-coherent goon threat that they can point at, first signs of splits in the southern bloc begin to show.

Pessimistic version: Goonwaffe has about the same ISK as one of Gamma’s newbies and slightly less chance of taking meaningful space.

Breaking News: Cloud Ring

Apparently all that stands between us and an invasion of Cloud Ring is cash. Our NC allies are waiting to help us. Donate today.

Support the front!
Support the front!

Apparently the alliance is rich as creosote so we’re invading and everyone can keep their stupid cash.

Paragon Soul

Foolishly believing the Blaster Worm line of “lol when goons are gone majestic herds of pvpers will roam the plains it will be paradise”, Stain Empire set IT neutral and ran a roam through Period Basis. Incandescent with rage and filled with righteous wrath, Molle promptly reset Stain Empire and declared that he would give them the damned thrashing of a lifetime.

Most in the south – including their allies – are busily throwing Stain under their own wagon, declaring that they never liked those faggots anyway, and that they’ve always been aligned with IT. I’m not even exaggerating. Sys-K, the elite face of Italy in Eve, broke previous Italian national records for rushing to the aid of whoever is winning at the time by promptly announced on Kugutsumen that they were going back in time to reset Stain a week before the decision to reset IT was made. This is not an exaggeration either, I promise. The mid-sized powers in Esoteria and Paragon Soul are now lining back up as the GBC pets they always were.

Anyway, IT are now invading Paragon Soul. If ROL and Coven abandon Stain then they’ll just go back to NPC space. Scratch one off the Southern Coalition.

The South are now discovering how badly they have fucked up by installing IT in Delve: AAA won’t risk their Querious systems and Sys-K and the Romanians couldn’t hold Period Basis against IT. So none can stop IT doing what they like.

Fun fact: if anyone wants to rent space from IT a good quality Querious station system will set you back 10 billion ISK a month, with a 15 billion deposit up front (5 bill returnable after one month). All upgrades to be provided by renters and handed to IT.


For those who haven’t followed the hysterical flouncing of Eve’s biggest drama queens, Tri and allies had to pull out of their invasion of Pure Blind when Bobby Atlas unilaterally pulled out of the other flank in Geminate/Vale without warning them. Tri announced that their mothers had been right and that they wouldn’t take this, but did anyway.

Following on from this, Bobby approached Tri’s renters on the street and said “you don’t kick up to dem faggots no more,” declared himself the new boss and basically took over. Tri yet again announced that they didn’t have to take this and were moving back to their mother’s place, but then changed their mind and realised that Bobby wouldn’t hit them if they hadn’t been annoying him and that it was their fault again.

Again, not enough to split the Southern Coalition, but nor something that will get Tri pilots Xing up en masse to help Atlas next time.


Providence remains an adventure playpark for retards.

Ace roleplaying space-idiots Aegis Militia decided that the invasion of Providence by half of the South made this just the peachiest time possible to drop sov and form a new alliance made up of precisely the same people. This descended into a Jimmy vs Timmy slapfight with Butter Dog-CAOD-posting-vehicle Ushra Khan. While blaming CCP for the inability of either side to keep sov for more than a third of a day straight over a period of several days does have a believable ring to it, it is more likely that the shoe-size scale of the collective IQs involved is the deciding factor here. Impressively, the handover was so fucked that Aegis Militia took four systems back from themselves at one point.

Meanwhile, AAA took and handed over CVA’s capital (9UY) to Ushra Khan. AAA’s level of interest after several weeks of a campaign is about where you might imagine it is (roaming HAC gangs), but CVA’s occasional efforts to do anything about it are at best counter-productive.

The North

The NC have something planned for this week. It may or may not be related to the help they were going to give us in Cloud Ring, which set a new record for Goonfleet space invasions at 13 hours from its exciting proclamation to Darius’s regretful “Back to Syndicate” announcement that we had been defeated. Perhaps they’ll go and liberate geminate instead vOv

Edit: Looks like we are indeed to be the grateful recipients of NC Peace-keeping ops. At least from Mostly Harmless, who seem to be taking helping us out very seriously indeed.