BCA: Generous to a Fault

I just sent this broadcast out on Goonswarm jabber.

Warning: Marivauder, who joined Bat Country after stealing the contents of his previous wormhole corp’s POS, is a dirty thief. He put an alt in droneland pets BCA*, who welcomed him with open arms, and how does he repay them? He warps to a POS, finds the pos shields set to alliance access, finds their XLSMA set to alliance access, peers inside and finds an Aeon.

You or I would have discreetly informed a senior member of BCA of this ghastly oversight. But not this untrustworthy ingrate. So he popped it out, jumped it to a cyno lit by his alt, jumped that into the Aeon and made his way back to BCA to await further gifts. Plus one GSF aeon and the GIA sends its regards. Be sure to shun this wicked malfeasant.

*We kicked BCA out of Deklein for being useless, almost four years ago. Nothing much has changed, obviously.


This theft took place in the last few days.  I can’t tell you the exact day because we don’t want to risk burning the spy.  But it is very recent.

To clarify, Marivauder is a member of Bat Country, and one I’ve met and drunk with.  I am not actually angry with him.  Not today, anyway.  You should totally let his alts into your alliance.

He has an agent in BCA.  That’s not unusual: Bat Country run the GIA (the Goonfleet Intelligence Agency), and have done for years, and a lot of its members have agents in hostile alliances.

That has its downsides, too: with so many senior members playing Eve Online on two sets of accounts, burnout is a bit more common than in most corps, and at any given time we have a few people who just play DotA or other bad-but-not-as-bad-as-Eve Online games on Teamspeak, but we do try to get together for roams and corp ops to keep people from missing the company of their own corp too much.

We also host spies from other alliances, such as Vince Draken, whose time as a spy here ended in jollity and with whom we like to think we’re still on good terms.  There is certainly a home for him here when this whole NCdot nonsense blows over.

  • schwaboy

    So what you are telling me is that Bat Country members are all spies, and we should kick Bat Country.

  • Endie

    Yes and probably.

  • Howard Treesong

    I wouldn’t say no to a free Aeon.

    I’d prefer a Nyx though. I don’t like shooting lasers.

  • Endie

    I’ll pass that on to our agents but you may need to wait a while longer since BCA might not have any nyxes coming out any time soon.