Bat Country Best Country

One of the reasons I blog so rarely is that I have foolishly allowed myself to get into a mindset where only an article of the sort of length that would qualify for The Atlantic seems worth writing. So, less of that!

For the last few weeks, Goonswarm have been involved in the war in the Southwest of New Eden. At first, we were defending Fountain from the N3 coalition, but we’ve gone over onto the offensive and are currently hitting Delve.

Anyway, this post is not about that. The participation figures for the CFC just came out and my corp, Bat Country, yet again showed that when the Horn of Goondor sounds we drop everything and get our asses to Mars.

The headline is that we’re the top corp in Goonswarm (which will mean in the whole CFC) for supercap and capital participation. Booyah. Our average member went on just shy of fourteen strat ops last month, and that is despite having guests like Doink who go on precisely zero. Our members (229 members, 85 real people) turned up a little under half as often in total as those of Goonwaffe (exactly 3000 members).

All that being said I can’t wait until this whole thing blows over so we can get back to flying cruiser hulls in lowsec and NPC space, again. We’ve got four really good small gang FCs, at the moment and I’m keen to do a corp deployment.